UnMarried Certificate Karachi

UnMarried Certificate is also known as Bachelorhood / Single Status and Non Marriage Certificate in Pakistan and other countries.

UnMarried Certificate is required for getting married in few countries. Unmarried Certificate is needed to prove the single status and bachelorhood of a person. There is no standard format and uniform process to get UnMarried Certificate in Pakistan.

Unmarried Non Marriage Certificate Pakistan

There are two types of UnMarried / Bachelorhood / Single Status / Non Marriage Certificates in Pakistan (1) UnMarried Affidavit (2) UnMarried Certificate

UnMarried Affidavit Karachi

In many cases just UnMarried Affidavit needed to prove single status of a person. And like we said there is no standard format of UnMarried Affidavit and UnMarried Certificate but all affidavits contain similar data with little change in layout.

An affidavit is actually a DECLARATION by parents that their son is still single and not married in Pakistan and they don’t have any objection if he like to marry with any girl.

UnMarried Affidavits commonly have attestation from Notary Public and seal of First Class Magistrate to make it legitimate for any use.

UnMarried Certificate Karachi

Official UnMarried Certificate Karachi can be obtained from local union council in residence area of applicant. Union councils issue UnMarried Certificate on their printed letter head with official seal and signature.

But, issuance of UnMarried Certificate from union council is not that easy because they need CNIC copy from 2 neighbors to confirm your single marital status. Remember that UnMarried Affidavit is also required to get official UnMarried Certificate.

We can get your UnMarried Affidavit or UnMarried Certificate from Karachi within 3-5 working days after the receipt of required documents.

We can also assist you in attestation of UnMarried Certificate from Notary Public, First Class Magistrate, Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Pakistan, and from any other authority as per your requirement.

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  • Review Sample of UnMarried Affidavit [PDF] – Download
  • Review Sample of Union Council UnMarried Certificate [PDF] – Download