Duplicate Marksheet from Karachi University

For many busy people it’s very difficult to take some time for important but time consuming tasks like visiting Karachi University for reissue of marksheet or verification of marksheet and degree certificate. Don’t worry CertificateKarachi.com can work on your behalf to obtain duplicate marksheet, transcripts or degree certificate from Karachi University even if you are not present in Pakistan.

Who can use our service to get duplicate marksheet from Karachi University?

  • If you are busy and need third-party assistance
  • If you are unable to visit Karachi University
  • If you are living abroad and don’t have any resource in Karachi
  • If you are temporarily not present in Karachi and need assistance

Requirements to get duplicate marksheet from Karachi University

  • Marksheet Form
  • Photocopy of previous Marksheet (If any)
  • Photocopy of Enrollment/Registration Card
  • Photocopy of Admit Card
  • An authorization letter from you in the name of our Case Manager

Procedure to get duplicate marksheet from Karachi University

After the receipt of required documents via email we will depute an experienced Case Manager for your case, who will visit Karachi University to obtain marksheet form.

Case Manager will carefully complete and submit the marksheet form with the help of supporting documents and information. He will then actively follow-up with Karachi University to collect marksheet at earliest possible time.

How long it takes to get duplicate marksheet from Karachi University?

Normally, it takes 15-20 working days for issuance of duplicate marksheet from Karachi University but university can take little longer to complete this process.

Academic documents from Karachi University in sealed envelope

Many people need duplicate marksheets in sealed envelope from Karachi University to submit in their company for employment or in other university for continuation of study etc.

We can also assist you in this process and following documents are required to get marksheets in sealed envelope from Karachi University:

  • Academic document whichever is required in sealed envelope
  • Letter from company / university requesting academic documents in sealed envelope
  • Mailing address of requesting company / university

For more details about getting the verification and sealed envelope from the University of Karachi please visit our page Transcript in Sealed Envelope from University of Karachi. CLICK HERE

Feel free to contact us by email or direct call or using Whatsapp at +923003929298 if you need our service or submit a simple Inquiry Form.